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KINETIC Sculpt®, created by Erwin R. Gonzalez, is about MOVEMENT.
It is a holistic training method focused on multi-joint movements to improve strength, coordination and muscle awareness. Be conscious, do time-efficient training & burn more calories.

Exercise Consciously.
KINETIC Sculpt® is built on three pillars STRENGTH, FOCUS and POWER. It is a world of Be. Move. DO. Build your body from the inside-out. There is no room for mindless activity.

BeWho do you wish to be? What will matter to you in 10 years?
Move - Set SMART goals and make an action plan.
Do – Once competent, take on meaningful life challenges.

The best preparation for tomorrow is to do today’s work supremely well.

Body Language not body objectification.

From the moment our foot strikes the ground there is a reaction through the entire kinetic chain. It is the source of all strength and pain. If we were to deconstruct a movement and follow the chain, then we can build the integrity of the muscles and supporting tissues to protect the longevity of our joints. This is truly what will matter most as age and mature.

Once the body knows how to work as unit, and not as single loose limbs, we become lean calorie burning machine. People who possess body confidence live graceful active lives.


KINETIC Sculpt® -ers are

  • marathon runners
  • triathletes
  • competitive cyclists
  • masters swimmers
  • dancers
  • stay-at-home mom’s
  • grandparents
  • active Baby Boomers

We don’t talk about work. We talk about Being our best, Moving intently and Doing good work.

Take a look at the Testimonials.

We offer both a variety of Indoor Classes available to health clubs.
KINETIC Sculpt® 
Strength Training System

KINETIC Sculpt®: Sport!
Sports Conditioning/ Movement System

KINETIC Sculpt®: Core-Set
Foundational Strength (Abs, Back, Balance, Core) System

KINETIC Sculpt®: Limber
Flexibility & Prehab (Injury Prevention) System

KINETIC Sculpt®: Towel Power
Grip Strength/ Power/ Balance/ Injury Prevention or Pre-hab 

There is also the seasonal KINETIC Sculpt®:  OUTSIDE for those who wish to be free of the limitations of inside training.

Our brand promise if you follow the Be.Move.DO. philosophy is you will understand how your body works, you will never be bored and learn to prevent injury.

Rules of the game.

  • Listen first. Do second. Question third. Repeat.
  • You will be required to work predominantly with, but not limited to, your body weight.
  • You will learn proper postural alignment, develop muscular symmetry, and create more comfort with anatomy.
  • You will be required over time to verbally articulate movement and functional anatomy .
  • You will experience an increase in your aerobic capacity.
  • You will be able to translate your strength training to real power in your every day Life.

Exercise with integrity and you will see your results blossom. Use your body consciously and realize IMPOSSIBLE IS JUST AN OPINION.

Contact Us about Training/ Workshops in your town.
You can read The Story Behind KINETIC Sculpt® .

You can read more about Erwin’s personal fitness journey on The Perspiration Journal©.

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