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Don’t be a Fitness Martyr… Train smarter.

KINETIC Sculpt®, created by Erwin R. Gonzalez, is here to TEACH fitness enthusiasts and fit pro’s alike to train their bodies for optimal health with an emphasis on sustainable athletic performance. Imagine if you worked hard on your body one hour per day and the rest of your day was bliss. This is our manifesto, Be. Move. Do.


Accept that you are an athlete. By definition, an athlete is a person possessing the natural or acquired traits, such as strength, agility, and endurance, that are necessary for physical exercise. Own your greatness and then ask yourself,”What is that I really want to achieve? Who do I wish to Be ten years from now? How would I like to be remembered? Then move.


Once you know who and what you wish to Be, it is time to make SMART moves.  Let’s focus on what how to strengthen your individual body and create a reward system to compliment your lifestyle.


All the research shows the smartest and most productive athletes train with a plan, they think long-term. Success is a by-product of preparation. What you are unprepared to Do well the first time, you must be prepared to do again.

Be present. Move SMART-er. You will be ready to Do whatever the situation calls for.  You can become a powerful agile athlete at any age. This is the origin of Exercise Consciously. Look, live and feel better 24/7.


Are you ready to take your fitness OUTSIDE?

Riding a stationary bike to nowhere hardly qualifies you as a cyclist. Road test your fitness. Your indoor athletic skills should have an application to your every day life. Engage in the real world while you have options.

If you are not training at all, what will matter to you 10 years from now? Train for that. KINETIC Sculpt®-ers don’t TAKE class. They SHOW UP and GIVE their all.

KINETIC Sculpt® OUTSIDE takes you out into the field of play.

What is this website about?

  • It’s about Health.
  • It’s about Authenticity.
  • It’s about Action.
  • It’s about Doing things that Matter.

The intention of this site is to INSPIRE.

BE  - Short on motivation? Practical tips to stay focused and energized.

MOVE - You will find workouts, training info, tips and videos.

GO KINETIC Tumblr blog  (K! Blog) is never short on opinion and ideas.

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We all have to choose as to whether we wish to be cynics or builders? I say Do be a builder.

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