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Let 2013 Be a Year of DO.

2011 was my Year of Flight.
It was year dedicated to letting go of old baggage. This was when I started the OUTSIDE program.

2012 was my Year of Vision.
For one year, I viewed the world thru a new lens each month and did my best to take a daily photo and journal my reflections.

At the end of the year, I could trace a year’s worth of my career, personal and emotional developments. Time doesn’t fly when you are CONSCIOUS. However self-evaluation is not always the most accurate measure of one’s progress.

I also began to receive some incredible testimonials.
For those of you who follow Erwin’s KS® program. Let me say this. I took all of Erwin’s classes 12 years ago when I lived in NYC. Mostly at Chelsea Piers. I am fitter than most and pride myself on my success in cycling. 

I live in LA and last night I took his KS® class at NYHRC and I can say two things it kicked my butt for all the right reasons and Erwin has evolved as a trainer. I have done every work out program ever created. Erwin’s KS® program is for those who are interested in doing movement and exercise that is healthy for the long haul and not about tearing you down to build you back up. 

That philosophy has caused me more unnecessary injuries and surgery that could have been prevented if his philosophy of exercise and movement were available years ago. Mass trend workouts are just that. Do yourself a favor. Take his classes but take the time before or after to talk with Erwin about his philosophy on the human form. You will be enlightened.”
Richard Wilhelm

Shortly after, I began to receive more accolades. I have also had the opportunity to spread the KINETIC Sculpt® methodology internationally. It has taken time but the message is slowly spreading.

The KINETIC Sculpt® Model for Results


2013 is a Year to DO.

I invite you to DO something to break your routine.

Interested in an emotional journey? Create your own Year of Vision  or  stage your own Year of Flight.

I encourage you to use your time to DO something that inspires, scares, motivates, encourages, heals, impacts, changes your world in unexpected ways.

Some sage advice I received from Jane Fonda last year was that it was more important to be INTERESTED than interesting. This is vital to healthy aging. It is a break from routines and an acceptance that fear can be useful.

Seize the opportunity to EXERCISE CONSCIOUSLY so you can healthfully be a strategist in your own success, growth and development. Vitality is ageless.

Every bead of sweat tells a story.
What story will you tell in 2013?

What will you DO?

- Erwin

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